cycleEthiopia is an exceptional interesting country for bicycle tours. The climate is pleasant, the landscape varies from green rolling hills to dramatic mountains with impressive views, lakes, rivers and waterfalls, savannah and desert, fertile highlands, forests and National Parks. But one of the greatest charms of Ethiopia are its friendly people, stunning street life and many small settlements of some scattered huts with playing children and cattle around them.

The highlights of this well designed cycling trip are the spectacular country side scenery across the Abyssinian highlands, wildlife including the endemic Glada baboons and Ethiopian wolf at Tarma ber and Guassa plateau, discovering the magical rock hewn churches of Lalibela and built up cave church of Yimrhane Chirstos (one of the hidden treasures of Ethiopia found inside a cave), and interacting with the most charming people of Wollo and the Amhara tribes.

The ride starts a little bit out of Addis Abeba, ending in Lalibela and a flight back to Addis Abeba. It is suitable for all levels (fit, intermediate or expert cyclers) with a daily mileage of 30 to 95 kilometers. You will mostly cycle on paved roads with some exceptional dirty roads from Tarmaber to Guasa, Gashena to Lalibela and to Yimrhane Chirstos Church.

Good seasons are from the Mid-September to February.Those months are harvesting seasons for most part of your biking areas therefore, you will be more rewarded with the activities of the rural peasants of Ethiopia. Additionally, you will have the chance of interacting with some