ethiopia_fishinThere are about 200 species of fishes in Ethiopia in different lakes, rivers , and in other water areas. The areas are unspoiled and very comfortable for fishing sports. Lake tana and lake awasa are more suitable for fishing activity in Ethiopia and it is advisable for tourists that the fishing activity is more successful in dry season than in rainy season

Fishing in Ethiopia Rivers and lakes are full of a wide variety of fish, some of extraordinary size. Ethiopia boasts more than 200 species of freshwater fish, including Nile perch, immense catfish, tiger fish, and brown and rainbow trout. Vet few Ethiopians are anglers so visitors will find many unspoiled areas where they can fish in peace. A typical day’s fishing may also include the bonus of seeing families of hippo, giant crocodiles, or pink clouds of flamingos.

Fishing conditions are varied cascading waterfalls, deep still pools, or the tiny narrow and clear stream. Good exercise, beautiful scenery, peaceful surroundings- and hopefully supper, are all combined in the one activity.