simien-landscape-smallThe head quarter is at Debark, 105 kms from Gondar. It was established in 1967 and gazetted in 1969 with an area of 179 km2. Its area is now increased to 220 km2. It is miracle to see the valleys, high peaks rising to pinnacles, dramatic cliffs, endemic mammals and birds, botany, and the life of people. The highest peak is Ras Dashen Mountain (4543m) which is also the 4th highest mountain in Africa.

Siemen Mountains National Park that is also called the Roof of Africa Park harbors many species of mammals, birds and highly diversified botany. Mammals like Walia ibex (endemic and only confined to this park), Gelada baboon (endemic), Menelik bushbuck (endemic), Ethiopian wolf (endemic), klipspringer can be seen in the park. Over 180 species of birds are registered in the park. Some of them are: black headed siskin (endemic.), white billed starling (endemic.), spot breasted plover (endemic.), white backed black tit (endemic.), thick billed raven (endemic.), white collard pigeon (endemic.), lammergeyer (bone breaker), tawny eagle, chough, Ruppell’s griffon vulture, augur buzzard, etc. Volcanoes formed Siemen Mountains and the deep gorges were formed by high water erosion. It is the most marvelous landscape. It is the only natural site to be registered by UNESCO in 1978 as World Heritage Site.