suremaSurma, also known as the Suri people resides in the southwestern plains of Ethiopia near the Omo River and Omo National Park. Cattle are central to the Suri, giving them status. It is a signal of wealth. In order for a man to marry women in the Suri tribe, he needs to at least have 60 cattle. The women wear lip plates that are made out of clay. The men in the tribe fight with sticks called Dongas. Both the men and women blemish their bodies. If you see a Suri man with a scar, it usually means that he has killed a member of a rival tribe.
Suri is uncommonly branded by stick fighting (Donga fighting). Often, it is held for young men to find wife. This ceremonial fight is an opportunity for young men to show his energy to young girl. To the Suri, the best time to stick fight is just after it rains. The fights are held among Suri villages, and the fights begin with at least 20 people on each side. Serious follow-up of the fights is done to check it to rules. Most Donga fights finish within the first couple of hits.